Unsweetened Crunchy Peanut Butter (With Added whey)

Unsweetened Crunchy Peanut Butter (With Added whey)

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    Description About this product:

    Health Ninja Unsweetened high protein Peanut Butter is crafted for fitness enthusiasts who seek a blend of quality protein and fat in their diet. We always create products keeping our consumers health in mind and take care of picking the best quality ingredients for making every single product. 

    The health of Health Ninja Product users are of prime importance to us and with our high protein Peanut Butter we are offering great healthy food to our customers. Creamy Peanut Butter is a source of essential fatty acids which our body needs to function in a proper manner. 

    Classic peanut butter are a rich source of protein and meet your recommended daily allowance of essential fatty acids and our Natural crunchy peanut butter gives you the exact daily dietary nutrition. The peanuts for our Crunchy peanut butter are Roasted at the perfect temperature, Health Ninja Peanut Butter contains peanuts free from any GMOs. 

    Our Crunchy Peanut Butter is free from any added salts or sugars along with being free of any adulteration. With rigorous quality testing to deliver only the best and the natural, we at health ninja strive to give you the best natural creamy peanut butter and Best chocolate peanut butter. Our Peanut Butter is highly recommended for people of all ages be it gym-goers, dieters & joggers along with kids and old people.

    You can spread our super Crunchy Peanut Butter on bread or put it on a cracker, and even mix it in a shake or just lick it from a spoon! Our crunchy peanut butter is tasty in all forms and a perfect choice for your breakfast. 

    Since Our Health Ninja Peanut Butter is made from plant-based ingredients it is a healthy choice for protein intake for vegans too and gives all the protein they require minus any dairy ingredient.

    Tasty recipes to try

    1.To have a healthy snack, apply Health Ninja Peanut Butter on brown rice cakes and use fresh fruits as topping.

    2.Add 1 cup of miIk(250ml) + 2 tbsp of Health Ninja Peanut Butter + 1/2 tbsp honey into a shaker and shake until smooth.                                                   
    3,Health Ninja Peanut Butter tastes amazing with Oat meal, Vegetable / Fruit Salad or with Brown Bread.

    Nutrition Facts

    Energy (Kcal)  639 
    Protein (g)              30
    Total Carbohydrade(g)  18
    Dietary fiber 9
    Total Sugar (g)        3
    Added Sugar (g)           0
    Total fat (g)                       49
    Saturated fat (g)     7
    Tarns fat (g)          0
    Cholesterol (mg)             0
    Sodium(mg)      19

    Health Benefits

    • Support Heart Health
    • Full Of Protein And Dietary Fiber
    • Consist Of Healthy Fats
    • Helpful In Weight Management
    • promotes strong bones

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